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Lana L. Brown-Rains
3419 Vinecrest Dr.


Huntington-Pacific Ceramics

Job Description:Checked tiles for flaws and rejected bad tiles, packed good tiles. Before I had to leave due to medical problems, I learned how to run the different machines such as the press, the kiln and the dryer. Start:$6.25 End:$7.00


Corpus Christi,TX
Job Description:Inspected resistors, manufactured for A/C Delco, under microscope, ran diagnostic tests for levels of resistance. Bad lots were rejected and good lots I was responsible for entering their numbers, their scores and their destination into the compter. Start:$7.25 End:$7.76

The Torch Restaurant

Corpus Christi,TX
Job Description:In fine dining atmosphere, served guests food and beverages. Here we dressed the guest's potatoes and/or salads at their table. Start:$2.13 End:$2.19 plus tips.

UA The Movies

Corpus Christi,TX
Job Description:Started as cashier and working in concessions. Learned how to thread, and repair films. Soon was doing inventory counts as well as entering counts and payroll hours into computer.Start:$4.25 End:$5.25

Golden Corral

Job Description:Served guests. Light data entry of food costs,etc.

In the gaps of time I was a stay-at-home mom and also took on in-home day care for other children. My husband and I moved around a lot because of his job. We have finally settled in San Antonio and I am looking forward to putting my training to work for me.


Business Computer Training Institute
I was trained in data entry, spread sheets, A/P & A/R, payroll, phone lines, MSWord, and Windows95 along with general office skills.