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Your Secret Sister.
Like you already know I am pregnant with twins and I was unable to finish this secret sisters round like I wanted to, I apologize for that..
I have been in the hospital for few days now and I am not sure if I will be on the Net by the 24th.
I made this page a week ago but didn't know what to say..
I just got home today December 29th and I uploaded the page as fast as I could.
Here are some gifts I had made for you but didn't have the chance to give them to you.
Now that you know who I am I will tell you why I chosed
Demi Who?? Well is a simple story.
When I was in College, my best friends use to say I look like Demi Moore ( right, I never thought I did :P)
Well, one day my dad went to look for me down the campus and asked a friend of mine where I was...
And he called me by my name and my friend didn't remember my dad so he asked me if his daughter was 
Demi and my dad said "Demi who??" with a very surprised face and from then on my friends made jokes about me and Demi Who?? so since my Secret sister
who I don't know who it is yet is Melanie Griffith, I figured I would be Demi :)

I had to put the dancing baby, I think is a riot.


The Graphics on this site were done specially for HunniBear from me. Most of the Pooh graphics
come from the Disney site and I wrote for permision so, if you use them be aware of that
The Top, bars, balloons,  backgrounds, buttons, snowglobe are my
own creation, please do not use them unless you
are HunniBear my secret sister