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In August of 1998 the BadGirls had an awesome Secret Agent game we were each assigned a BadGirl to spoil and my mission was Fia. My agent name was AgentGreenEyes. I had a lot of fun bombarding my mission with cards and bouquets!! Flame made this award. Thanks Flame!

Scavenger Hunt- October, 1998 I was on a team called the Villiamous Vamps our team members were: Bmer *aka* Angel, C.J.Tempest, Party1 *aka* Sheila, Clamcake, Flame, JannaBanna, Cindy, Rhiannon, Dane *aka* Dania, and of course, me, HUNNIBEAR. Bmer was our team leader and she did a great job! Most of us pulled together and were able to get all 50 of the crazy items from CyberSpace!!! This is the award given us by Flame. She has so much talent!

Is that a HOOT or what?

Each team got their own special award from the panel of judges and we got this one, what it means I have no idea, but at least it's a cute butt!! I am so PROUD!!!