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Hey, You finally got here,  I made this
Page just for you,  In here I am going to add the things that
I am planning to make for you.  I know that sometimes the
webtv users have problems with atachments so, here it is :)
I made the Snowglobe above just for you, so if anyone is
thinking on taking it "sho sho" get your hands off of it :)
I am making the page gradually so be patient, ok?
All the graphics on this page were done by me for
HunniBear my secret sister, SOoo no touching..
I found the picture below at a Disney site and I
thought you might want to have it. Don't laugh
at my balloons they are my first ones :)
Well this is for now,
love ya,
Your secret sister
Demi Who?? :)

Click the star to go to a holiday gift surprise.
sorta make you wonder what is next in the agenda :)

The Graphics on this site were done specially for HunniBear from me. Most of the Pooh graphics
come from the Disney site and I wrote for permision so, if you use them be aware of that
The Top, bars, balloons,  backgrounds, buttons, snowglobe are my
own creation, please do not use them unless you
are HunniBear my secret sister.