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by Kenny Loggins
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Pooh's Place

Oh the precious memories of my bestest childhood friend! I am very pleased that you have chosen to spend time with this special loveable, huggable, little bear! Pooh went everywhere with me and I am so glad he is back to tote along with my children. I would love for you to share with me your Pooh memories if you have the time. Some of Pooh's friends have been chosen by my children to represent members of our family, for example; I have been privileged to be named Pooh, my oldest child, my daughter, has been named Tigger because she is always all over the place. My oldest son is eeyore because he is very sweet-natured and often clueless. Our infant son has been dubbed Piglet because he is the smallest of the group. And last but not least my husband is Rabbit because he thinks he is always right! I guess you could say I am obsessed with Pooh and have passed the obsession on to my family. I am so proud!!! Enjoy him he has earned this come-back.

This is my daughter,"tigger". She is five years old and very active!!! She is a beautiful child as every mother believes thier child to be. From the day she was born she has shown herself to be very head strong and independent. I have chosen not to add 'real' pictures of my children as I have learned what ugly people are doing to our children's photos. 'Tigger' loves Barbie, she loves things that are pretty, and of course, Disney! My favorite thing that she often says is "Do I look Gogeus (gorgeous) Mommie?" And of course she always does.

This is my oldest son, "Eeyore". He has a very sweet heart and always gives 'Tigger' what ever she wants. He is very kind and always knows how to make someone laugh. He has a great sense of humor. The first time I remember him making a full sentence his words were: "Oh Mommie, you look so beausiful!" Of course now, being four years old he says beautiful but sometimes, just to humor me he will say it the way he did then!

This is my youngest, "Piglet". Named that because he is the smallest. He is 6 mos. old now. He was born in March two days before my birthday. He so far has shown a combination of his older siblings. He is sweet-natured and a little head-strong. Now I feel he has earned the name piglet because he eats ALOT!!! But I think a baby looks more healthy with those little rolls. He is precious.

Owl here represents my mom, or Mimi, as she is known to our kids. She is the wise one of the family even though she doesn't always make sense! Our children adore their Mimi"Owl" and are always around her asking her millions of questions. "Owl" means the world to me, my mom and I have always been close and always will be. I greatly admire her for her strength, wisdom and determination. My "Owl" raised her four children alone and she should be quite proud to tell you that none of us has been in any kind of trouble nor are any of us drug-addicts or alcoholics.Most importantly we are each a success in what we've chosen to do with our lives. I believe in this day and age that is truly something to be admired! Thanks Mom, I love you!!


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