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So you may be wondering, "Why is she so proud of being a BadGirl?"...Let me tell you why!!! The BadGirls is an on-line group I joined in July,1998. My mom introduced me to these wonderful ladies and I am so glad she did. You could not find a more loving, kind, considerate and FUN group of ladies!!! I have seen other women's on-line groups come and go. I have seen them bickering and arguing over petty things and over minor misunderstandings. We, the BadGirls are strong and bold but we care about others and we give each other encouragement and support. And I will tell you the best thing about the BadGirls is this, they are never too proud or too 'right' to say "I'm sorry",should the need arise for an apology. That is why I am so proud to be a BadGirl!

Thank You Sharon!

Thank You Sealights!

Thank You HoneyBee!

The Bad Girl Crown I've Proudly Worn!

Thank You BadGirls

I want to sincerely thank all the BadGirls for their contributions here. Flame, thank you so much for the two hunnibears wearing the Melmac Crowns. You did an awesome job, Mom told me you were sick when you did them and I am so grateful! HoneyBee, Betty Boop is gorgeous! Thank you for that BG gift! Lucky Lady/Sharon, I love the little BadGirl in the corner; Been there, done that! Sealights, the personalized Phoenix is Stupendous!!! I Sincerely Appreciate the talents of all the BaGirls. Last but certainly not least; Mom, Snappie, thank you for all your html help! I couldn't have done it without ya! ; )

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