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~ ~ ~ ~Hugs and Friendship~ ~ ~ ~

"HUGS" and "FRIENDS" are poems found at AngelWinks Heavenly Post Cards.


There are hugs that say I like you and I hold your friendship dear.
There are hugs that say "good going" you deserve a great big cheer.
There are hugs that say good-bye, good luck in all that lies ahead.
There are hugs that say 'I love you' when no other words are said.
There are hugs that soothe and say to us you're free from cares and harms;
The kind of hug we feel when God holds us within His arms.

Friends Forever

Thank you LadieSassie!

'Friends show thier love in times of trouble'
'The only way to have a friend is to be a friend'
~~Ralph Waldo Emerson
'In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures'
~~Kahil Gibran
'Friends are the sunshine of life'
~~John Hay
'A friend is a present you give yourself'
~~Robert Louis Stevenson

~A good friend is someone to do nothing much with and find "nothing much" so much fun!
A good friend is talking and talking about everything under the sun.
A good friend is someone who really is glad when you've worked for and won a success,
Someone you don't have to be on your guard with or be what you aren't to impress.
A good friend is so many wonderful someones all mixed in a marvelous blend
Of memory making, of giving and taking, a 'now and forever' Good Friend!~

Thank You 4-Ever Friends 'Welcome Wagon'

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